What Will the First Year Look Like?


Due to the bi-vocational nature of a storefront start-up model, a large portion of the early work will be developing the store, applying for licenses and building our client base. As we develop the store, we will be making new relationships in the chamber of commerce and with our neighbors. 

Our family will be fully invested in building relationships in the community, as our three children will be attending nursery, elementary and middle school. We intend to spend a lot of time ‘getting to know’ the community through sports leagues, introducing ourselves to other business owners and partnering in community initiatives. Because our store doubles as a icehouse/restaurant and worship space, we will eagerly participate in local events highlighting local businesses. 

As a church plant, In the first year we will:

· Develop a core group of community members

· Ensure that each member is connected to a local mission or service project

· Encourage each member to participate in worship as well as a small group

· Make relationships constantly by telling people about what we are trying to do

· Offer a Sunday evening simple worship service, followed by a free community meal.

· We plan to invite worship leaders from local churches to lead worship for our Sunday evening service. This accomplishes several things. It will help establish our presence as a partner in ministry, not a competition. As the popularity of the store grows, this will also bring new people into the store each week. In a given month, we hope to have 4-5 different worship leaders, each bringing a group of friends from their own church.

· Offer a midweek Bible study or book discussion

· Join in partnering people together for building discipleship and accountability relationships.

· Find and get involved with local mission partners, while staying connected to our sponsor churches and mission opportunities regionally.

As a business, in the first year we will:

· Design, build and decorate the store so that it becomes a must-visit destination in Brenham

· Build the icehouse and start serving beer and wine for profit with appropriate TABC licensing.

· Build our ‘chuck wagon’ ministry by offering Pioneer Smokehouse BBQ.

· Expand our product line to fill the store, adding more work by local artists.

· Extend our product reach into other stores, breweries and business in the Houston/Austin/DFW area. 

· Offer special events on the weekends and create a fun setting for families to spend part of their day.   Intentionally invite people to come back for worship on Sunday evening.

As a community ministry leader, Mark will participate in leadership with The GetTogether Brenham. 

· This group was founded by Anne Andras. Anne has asked Mark to help lead the group once we arrive in Brenham. Anne will continue to serve as the executive director. 

· The mission of The GetTogether Brenham is to connect the community with Christ-centered ministries, allowing individuals to use their professional expertise, their network of contacts and their life experiences to serve these ministries.

· As the store and church plant build momentum, this will also be a great way to network with churches, ministries, non-profits, and individuals looking to expand the presence of Christ and the Kingdom of God in the city of Brenham. 

· Learn more about The GetTogether Brenham at www.thegettogetherbrenham.org