Launch Funding Plan


What are potential donors/supporters looking for?

A Reasonable Strategy

o Prior Success (Mark has this in business and in ministry)

o A Complete Plan to present vision to others (see Prospectus)

o Local Support (we have support and encouragement from the owners of the building, area businesses, the Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Development team at City Hall)

o A Launch Date (we have set firm timelines and are hitting those marks)

A Reasonable Budget

o Due to the nature of this venture, we are intentionally ‘lean’ on staff.

o The building lease and design for the building are both very cost effective and the rustic nature of the store allows us to build it without extraordinary expense.

o A family run business helps us avoid unnecessary hires. Running the store ourselves helps create relationships in the city.

o Using a similar model to the Salvation Army, our store will pay for a significant portion of our ministry/salary costs.

o On the ministry side, our model does not anticipate hiring additional ‘church staff’. As a parachurch/missional ministry, we do not anticipate trying to build a youth/children’s ministry, church office staff, etc. We also hope to hire worship leaders on a weekly basis, perhaps as volunteers or for offering share.

A Plan for Self-Sufficiency

o This is in place as described above.

o The bi-vocational nature and the entrepreneurial capability of the pastor/business owner allow for the funding not to rely on typical models of donor giving or offering revenue past the first year or two.

o As a new model for entrepreneurial ministry, our goal/challenge is to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible, hoping to shorten the 3-5 year window of outside support to 1-3 years.

A Capable Leader

o Everyone that has heard the idea has been not only supportive, but have stated: “Mark would be perfect for this”

o Mark's gifts in ministry, small business success, and his willingness to work hard, think creatively, and invest himself fully in any venture will encourage people to give.

o Mark's level of comfort in ‘unconventional’ ministry settings is an asset to a project such as this.

o Mark's eagerness to reach the lost, rather than trying to create another ‘church as we know it’ will allow him to serve people that the mainline church is missing. 

A Clear Request for Support

o Our written Mission and Business Prospectus gives people a clear understanding of what Pioneer Mission Community is and also what it is not.

o Once people have read the Prospectus or this website, and seen our progress towards opening, we will be able to answer questions and solicit specific support.

A Compelling Story

o As we invite churches to think outside the box in terms of how we can reach people with the Gospel, others will want to be a part of this!

o An unconventional ‘church’ or ‘ministry’ attracts attention. There is risk, adventure and creativity at the heart of this vision.

o Our denomination (ECO: Covenant Order or Evangelical Presbyterians) has already committed to showcase Pioneer Mission Community at the 2020 National Gathering in Dallas which includes over 1500 pastors and elders in ECO. ECO already believes this is a compelling story even before we have opened!

A Variety of Ways to Support (intended for launch and first year only)

- Donors can give directly to "PMC Brenham", the non-profit 501c3 account for the church itself.   The link on our home page will facilitate these donations.  Or you may send a check to "PMC Brenham" to Pioneer Mission Community, c/o Mark Renn, 1026 Rootstock Rd., Brenham, TX 77833