Chuck Wagon Ministry


Fellowship happens best over good food and drink. 

Jesus knew this and so do we.


The culinary arm of the Pioneer Mercantile business includes custom smoked meats, catering for special events and much more. As part of our icehouse model, we plan to serve homemade BBQ, chili, and other Texas staples for lunch every day we are open. 

This is part of our ministry philosophy to draw people into the store and into conversations in as many ways as possible. 

The tip jar and the donation basket double as our offering plate, knowing that as the church gets started, offering in worship will be only a small portion of our revenue stream. If we offer food on Sunday evening after worship for donation only, we make our worship services a real event and attraction to the community!  

Because Mark has been running a BBQ catering company for years, making quality Texas BBQ for large groups is a labor of love!  Every 5pm worship gathering on Sunday night will be followed by a community meal. As the church gets started, we hope that friends who worship at other churches might like to also fellowship with us on Sunday evenings. Church ‘membership’ is not our goal, but rather creating a place for people to connect with Christ and their community. FREE barbecue will be offered every Sunday night after worship, and members of the community will bring sides and desserts.

As interest and needs develop, we may eventually offer a Sunday morning service as well. However, we believe relationships with Jesus begin in a number of different places, so we won’t rely on worship as the only ‘entry point’ for new disciples.