how will we make disciples?


You are on a journey. 

We want to walk with you.

The life of a true disciple of Christ is an adventure. At Pioneer Mission Community, we are hoping by the power of the Holy Spirit to develop lifelong followers of Jesus who want to share Jesus with others. 

Discipleship is a journey that is best done in community. You should be learning more about Jesus from someone, while at the same time teaching others what you know to be true. We will encourage people to spend time with Jesus, spend time with other believers and spend time with not-yet-disciples of Jesus. God has placed each of us within a network of relationships where we can share the good news of the Gospel. The Christian faith is not simply a decision that we make, or a prayer we pray, but a lifelong journey of aligning ourselves with God’s plan and Jesus’ way of living.

Wherever someone is in their faith, we want to help them take a few steps closer to Jesus, until they are walking in step with Him. We don’t believe people come to Christ accidentally, but rather intentionally through the guiding of the Holy Spirit and the faithful witness of other followers of Christ. We expect everyone connected to our community to be moving in the direction of the cross and the Kingdom of God, no matter what pace their journey takes.

Directional discipleship questions include:

Where are you going?

Where is God leading you?

How do you want to grow?

How does God need you to grow?

Where do you see Jesus at work in your life?

What do you think Jesus is trying to teach you here?

What is God teaching you this week?

How can you teach that to someone else?

Personal discipleship assessment:

Do you really want to be a disciple? Which involves obedience, sacrifice, growth and service… 

Or do you want to appear to be a disciple? Which only requires attendance at church…