Why brenham, tx?


We love Texas and are ready to put down roots in a small town with big cities in every direction. Our family has served God in churches large and small. We have spent time in churches all over Texas (Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and Kingwood) and also served a small church in Mobile, AL. 

As a family, we are ready to move outside the city and embrace the ‘country lifestyle’. Our store and family business is perfectly designed to cater to the small town Texas customer base, both local and visitor. 

As a church plant, we will need to rely on existing relationships with former churches, knowing that a large portion of early funding will come through support donations. Brenham is right in the middle of Houston, Austin and College Station, where we have networks of friends, family and ministry partners. 

As we get the church rolling, we will be able to call upon worship leaders and friends who can help us build momentum.  We also have family, friends and ministry partners in Brenham and the surrounding towns. This will help provide an immediate base of fellowship, emotional support and a sense of ‘home’ while we get acclimated to a new city. Rather than starting afresh in a completely new town, we are thankful to be starting in a place where somebody already knows our names. With young children, it is important that we remain close to family. It will be a blessing to remain close to our extended family in Houston as well.

Brenham offers a number of unique outreach points that will fit nicely with our business and ministry model. We hope to reach out to the students at Blinn College with a new style of worship and ministry that doesn’t happen early on a Sunday morning. We plan to reach out to local law enforcement and fire departments to provide spiritual support and potential chaplaincy services for police and firefighters. We also aim to work in partnership with other local ministries, such as Lydia’s House, which offers discipleship opportunities to women in Brenham. We hope to complement their ministry by reaching out to the men who need to meet Jesus in the community. 

Pastor Mark is hoping to build a ‘come as you are’ simple worship service and missional community without all of the frills and overhead of a large church. We hope to introduce people to Jesus Christ in a way that is relevant to their lives.