What are our core values?


We will worship simply.

Worship will be an essential component in the lives of our community. We will gather weekly around God’s Word, hearing a relevant message, singing praises to God with the hope of being transformed. We will commit to worshipping in our private and family life as well. Whether that means Bible study, prayer or acts of Christian service, as families we will model that worship is a lifestyle, not an activity on Sunday. Our worship will include community singing, heartfelt prayer and a time of responding to the message. We will welcome worship leaders from other local churches to help lead worship, hoping that they will also bring with them friends and members of their churches. Since we are not looking to compete with churches, the Sunday evening service can be an extra time of community worship, discipleship and fellowship for everyone (especially if they attend another church on Sunday morning!) Each week, our time of worship will be followed by a meal, where we can get to know each other and discuss what God is doing in our lives around the table. For those that don’t attend any church, we hope that the Sunday evening worship will become their weekly time of worship.

We will engage God's Word deeply and pray with expectation.

God’s Word is at the center of our worship, our community and our personal lives. We will read and be open to growing in our understanding and application of God’s truth in our lives. The Word of God has the power to transform us through the work of the Holy Spirit, but we have to not only be open to it, but expect it to change us. Each member will experience the joy and the value of corporate, small group and individual Bible study. As iron sharpens iron, we will rely on each other to speak Biblical truth.

We will serve, give and live sacrificially.

The people of Pioneer Mission Community will be deeply committed to making our city a better representation of the Kingdom of God. This means being engaged in local mission, supporting local schools and ministries, and being the light of Christ wherever we go. Every member will have a mission or ministry that they are passionate about, and we will invite others to share that passion and celebrate how God is working in our lives.

We will be serious about making disciples.

Without big programs, elaborate worship and a huge staff, we will rely on one on one disciplemaking as our main avenue for community growth. God has placed each of us in different stages of life, and He has surrounded us with a unique cast of friends, family and other characters. Each member will be praying for the people God has placed in their life, looking for ways to share the Gospel through the enjoyment of life together. Discipleship relationships begins when we start asking meaningful questions and sharing what God has done in our lives.