Why Make Disciples inside of a Business?

The Pioneer Smokehouse is a place where people can relax, unwind, be themselves and enjoy authentic conversation with friends old and new.

In the old west, the local saloon was a gathering place and a spot for people to meet and relax after a long day of work. With a drink in your hand and music playing, a person is able to unwind and be put at ease. It is in this setting that life together happens. 

In our day and age, Starbucks and coffee shops have mastered the concept of being a ‘third place’ for people. If home is our first place, and work is our second, then our regular hangouts become our third place where we experience community.

In Texas and across America, there is a growing community of people who enjoy spending the afternoon with friends at local breweries, wineries and pubs. By bringing a lunch and enjoying good drink and fellowship, people form community. 

At Pioneer Mission Community, we hope to use our location as an intentional means for building community. 

Pioneer Mission Community wants to be the place where people come as they are, find an authentic gathering of people learning to walk with Jesus, and leave with a sense of purpose and mission for the Kingdom of God.  

Our ministry and business  will take place at "Pioneer Mercantile and Smokehouse" in Brenham, a BBQ restaurant and country store selling Texas themed products and offering authentic Texas food and Texas craft beer and wine. 

We believe that when people are comfortable and can be themselves, they will open up their lives to real relationships with others and hopefully with Jesus.  We intentionally designed our store to include picnic tables, comfortable chairs, a welcoming bar and outdoor firepits, all for the purpose of inviting people to come in and stay a while.